Australian Pacific Data Centre – AU

Zone-8 Australia houses it’s equipment within the Australian Pacific Data Centre (APDC) located in Pyrmont, Sydney. APDC is one of the leading global providers of carrier-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for enterprises, content providers, systems integrators and network services providers.

Data is never stored offshore and therefore protected by Australian sovereign law.


HVAC systems comply with N+1 specifications and include a centralised chilled water plant with multiple redundant chillers piped in parallel, ensuring continuous reliability and satisfying all cooling requirements. The entire facility infrastructure is monitored 24/7 (CRACs, fire panels, chillers, generators, UPS, etc.)



APDC has implemented the following security measures that require multiple levels of authentication and authorisation:

  • Onsite security guard patrols the site 24×7
  • The facility is monitored by CCTV surveillance
  • Key access areas are controlled by biometric hand scanners and/or access cards
  • Visitors are required to check in first with security. Valid identification is required
  • All activities on premises are logged


UPS System

The Uninterruptible Power Supply is built on a multi level N+1 configuration to achieve 99.9% up time. Power is supplied by a power distribution unit – each PDU is connected to two UPS plants.

  • 1.5MW Caterpillar diesel generator provides backup power in case of power failure
  • A + B power feeds to each rack feeding from independent sources
  • 2 days of generator fuel capacity in case of power failure with a 4 hour refill guarantee


Fire Suppression and Detection

APDC Centres are designed with multiple levels of fire detection and fire suppression systems. The Sydney IBX has the following fire suppression systems:

  • VESDA – very early smoke detection / warning system monitored by the APDC BMS system
  • Zoned (double – interlock) pre-action water sprinkler system
  • Smoke detectors above and below raised floors
  • Hand-held fire extinguishers