Privacy Statement

We take the protection of privacy seriously and this statement outlines the policies.


How we Collect Information

Our company and its related companies collect information

  •  from the use of its websites
  • from application forms
  • from use of its connectivity services (Google Analytics)
  • from use of its proxies
  • from resellers and affiliates
  • from third parties
  • where legally required to do so


We may combine information with that available from third parties or public sources. You may not purchase or use our services anonymously, you must provide correct and accurate contact details, and details of the legal entity such as ABN and or ACN may also be required subject to country or location.



We do not collect information on children under 18 years of age.


How we use Private Information

We use private information to

  • Identify you for permission to access our services
  • Provide you with invoices
  • Gain an understanding of your needs in relation to our service and potential services
  • Check for credit worthiness or fraud
  • Contact you where necessary in relation to your use of our services
  • Provide news letters and service outage and other notifications including support
  • Marketing purposes
  • Test and develop our services and systems
  • Management purposes
  • Research purposes


How we use Cookies

Cookies are used to identify you to our web servers. This information can then be used to customize your  web experience with us by setting the best browser preferences for you. This information may be used for internal marketing purposes.


How we Share Information

We do not sell your information to third parties but may share it with related companies as defined by the National Privacy Act. We may also share statistical information with third parties without disclosing individual details, unless those details are necessary for fulfilling a service order you have requested, for example a carriage service or a domain name contract. We audit all third party software to ensure no mechanisms available for data breaches by any means including via the internet.

We may disclose details to, and collect details from, credit or fraud agencies, or debt recovery agencies for verification purposes, or for debt reporting or collection purposes.

We may also disclose details about you to:

  • Government and regulatory authorities and other organizations, as required or authorized by law
  • Our professional advisers, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers
  • Organizations involved in sale or transfer of our assets or managing corporate risk and corporate funding


Security and Accuracy of your Information

We take reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse, loss, and from unauthorized access.

All staff are instructed not to disclose private information to anyone. We take security very seriously and have state of the art systems including software updates to ensure security of all information.

We attempt to keep all information up to date but we rely on you to inform us of any changes of your details.


Access to your Information

You can request specific details of information we have about you or copies of the actual information by writing to

Zone-8 Enterprises
PO Box 107
Doonside, NSW 2767, Australia

We may charge you a handling and materials fee.


Removal of your Information

You may request in writing that certain information about you is removed, which we will comply with, provided that information is not necessary for tax purposes or to identify you or for contractual reasons. We will not consider requests to alter or remove statistical information. We can not prevent our web servers from issuing cookies, it is your responsibility to refuse acceptance of these cookies if you so wish.